Together We're Carrying Out the Great Commission
by staff of the Executive Committee of the SBC

Among the several publications sent to Baptists in Texas, is the Texas Baptist Standard the official newspaper of the Baptist General Convention of Texas. It has a very pro-BGCT stance, as it ought to have. Sadly, however, the editors also appear to be very sympathetic to the anti-SBC group in Texas. This appears to shape the information selected for publication.

You have the right to direct access to news and information about your convention and its work. Let us encourage you to log on to This is a very helpful site managed by the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee. You can subscribe there to SBC Life, the news journal of the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee. You will also find directions on how to receive Baptist Press five days a week for free. These two publications will enable you to have unfiltered news and information from the SBC.

You can read the Baptist Faith and Message for yourself at, the official website of the Southern Baptist Convention. This website also has additional information about the views, practices, and ministries of Southern Baptists.

We want you to have all the facts.

Reprinted from The Truth about the SBC & Texas , by the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee.
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