E.Y. Mullins on the Bible
by E.Y. Mullins

E.Y. Mullins, early champion of "soul competency," operated and taught within the framework of a high view of Scripture.  In his pamphlet, Baptists and the Bible, published by Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, he makes the following emphasis three times in the last three pages of the eleven-page booklet.

"It follows ... that the Bible is final for us on all questions of doctrine and polity and Christian living. The doctrines of salvation, of the church, of the ordinances, of polity, and of the Christian life we derive from the Bible. In its teachings alone do we find our sufficient, certain and authoritative source of knowledge concerning all these matters. ...

"In conclusion, it may be said that the one sure and certain road to agreement among all Christians is obedience to the New Testament teachings in all matters of doctrine, polity, worship, and life. ...

"For all Christians there should be one authoritative source of religious truth and knowledge.  To that source they should look in all matters relating to doctrine, to polity, to the ordinances, to worship, and to  Christian living -- That source is the Bible."


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