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"There should be an 'Abstract of Principles', or careful statement of theological belief, which every professor in such an institution must sign when inaugurated, so as to guard against the rise of erroneous and injurious instruction in such a seat of sacred learning."

James P. Boyce
from "Three Changes in
Theological Institutions"
- summarized by John Broadus, 1856

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Cooperative Program Promotion, Stewardship Education, and the Southern Baptist Convention An Historical Review
On February 22, 2010, the Great Commission Task Force issued a “Progress Report” on ways it hopes to assist Southern Baptists to “work more faithfully and effectively together in serving Christ through the Great Commission.” The 32-page report contains a brief sermon outline, eight core values, and six principal “components.” This brief essay will evaluate its Component #4 in light of the 85-year history of promotion of the Cooperative Program of the Southern Baptist Convention. [Read More]

Video of Great Commission Resurgence Task Force Progress Report
Great Commission Resurgence Task Force Progress Report as delivered by Dr. Ronnie W. Floyd at the SBC Executive meeting, February 22, 2010. [Watch Video]

Great Commission Resurgence
In late April, President Johnny Hunt issued a call to Southern Baptists for a “Great Commission Resurgence,” with an accompanying ten-point “Great Commission Resurgence Declaration.” This Declaration has generated widespread interest and conversation among Southern Baptists. The links and articles contained in this collection are designed to assist Southern Baptists by posting the Declaration in its various revisions and directing the reader to a sampling of published denominational perspectives on this important and timely subject. [Read More]

My hope for our Convention is simple. It runs upon one premise. It rides upon one purpose. It rests upon one person. My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness. [Read More]

Stand For Marriage
Most of you have seen ABC TV's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition where they tear down a house and rebuild it. Unfortunately, there has been another Extreme Makeover happening to the American home. Some are trying to tear down traditional marriage and redefine it. In fact, we are only one Supreme Court decision away from legalizing same-sex "marriage" all across America. How should Christians respond? [Read More]

Final Report of Ad Hoc Cooperative Program Committee
Southern Baptists have always been a missional people. From the inception of the Southern Baptist Convention in 1845 we have always rallied around the command of Christ to carry the Gospel to the entire world. At the heart of our local churches, and of all organizations and agencies beyond the local church, is the desire to share the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Cooperative Program was implemented to give each Southern Baptist a way to be a part of reaching the world for Christ through their local church. Sadly, we too often have allowed our focus to become ingrown and diverted from our evangelistic responsibility. Most of the strategies and initiatives in this report focus on telling the story of what we are currently doing through the Cooperative Program, but we must not fall into the trap of thinking we can reposition the Cooperative Program in the hearts of Southern Baptists by focusing only on what we are accomplishing. [Read More]

Final Report of Ad Hoc Cooperative Program Committee (Appendices)
Appendix A, B and C for Final Report of Ad Hoc Cooperative Program Committee [Read More]

Fourth Report of the SBC Funding Study Committee
The SBC Funding Study Committee (FSC) is an ad hoc committee of the Executive Committee, having been charged by action of the full Executive Committee in February of 2002 with the task of studying Southern Baptist Convention funding issues. The study was begun against a backdrop of recognition that the SBC seminaries faced financial challenges, although funding issues relating to all our entities are within the committee’s scope of discussion and review. [Read More]



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