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"There should be an 'Abstract of Principles', or careful statement of theological belief, which every professor in such an institution must sign when inaugurated, so as to guard against the rise of erroneous and injurious instruction in such a seat of sacred learning."

James P. Boyce
from "Three Changes in
Theological Institutions"
- summarized by John Broadus, 1856

Marriage Amendment/Same Sex Marriage

The Baptist Faith and Message: XVIII. The Family (click here to view entire Baptist Faith and Message)

God has ordained the family as the foundational institution of human society. It is composed of persons related to one another by marriage, blood, or adoption.

Marriage is the uniting of one man and one woman in covenant commitment for a lifetime. It is God's unique gift to reveal the union between Christ and His church and to provide for the man and the woman in marriage the framework for intimate companionship, the channel of sexual expression according to biblical standards, and the means for procreation of the human race.

The husband and wife are of equal worth before God, since both are created in God's image. The marriage relationship models the way God relates to His people. A husband is to love his wife as Christ loved the church. He has the God-given responsibility to provide for, to protect, and to lead his family. A wife is to submit herself graciously to the servant leadership of her husband even as the church willingly submits to the headship of Christ. She, being in the image of God as is her husband and thus equal to him, has the God-given responsibility to respect her husband and to serve as his helper in managing the household and nurturing the next generation.

Children, from the moment of conception, are a blessing and heritage from the Lord. Parents are to demonstrate to their children God's pattern for marriage. Parents are to teach their children spiritual and moral values and to lead them, through consistent lifestyle example and loving discipline, to make choices based on biblical truth. Children are to honor and obey their parents.

Genesis 1:26-28; 2:15-25; 3:1-20; Exodus 20:12; Deuteronomy 6:4-9; Joshua 24:15; 1 Samuel 1:26-28; Psalms 51:5; 78:1-8; 127; 128; 139:13-16; Proverbs 1:8; 5:15-20; 6:20-22; 12:4; 13:24; 14:1; 17:6; 18:22; 22:6,15; 23:13-14; 24:3; 29:15,17; 31:10-31; Ecclesiastes 4:9-12; 9:9; Malachi 2:14-16; Matthew 5:31-32; 18:2-5; 19:3-9; Mark 10:6-12; Romans 1:18-32; 1 Corinthians 7:1-16; Ephesians 5:21-33; 6:1-4; Colossians 3:18-21; 1 Timothy 5:8,14; 2 Timothy 1:3-5; Titus 2:3-5; Hebrews 13:4; 1 Peter 3:1-7.

08/05/05 Cherokee couple seeks 'gay marriage'; Calif. group begins petition drive; Floridians favor amend.
08/05/05 'Sexual orientation' policy remains sore spot for Ind. governor
07/29/05 FIRST-PERSON: Oh, Canada
07/29/05 Mainers may repeal 'gay rights' law in Nov.; Conn. civil unions may lead to 'gay marriage'
07/26/05 Calif. A.G. OKs marriage amend., but conservatives not happy
07/22/05 Alberta premier calls 'gay marriage' legalization 'sad day'; Ore. civil unions bill dies
07/21/05 Canada legalizes 'gay marriage'; social conservatives say it will impact the U.S.
07/20/05 Canadian senate passes 'gay marriage' bill
07/15/05 Spain witnesses first 'gay wedding'; civil unions pass Ore. Senate; settlement reached in Md. case
07/13/05 Revived Calif. 'gay marriage' bill passes Senate committee
07/12/05 FIRST PERSON: I am gay-friendly
07/06/05 Republican lawmakers spar with Supreme Court; Anglican Council upholds marriage standards
07/05/05 Conservatives starting from scratch in Mass.; UCC endorses 'same-sex marriage'; Iowa Supreme Court upholds 'divorce'
06/30/05 Spain becomes third country to legalize ‘gay marriage’
06/29/05 Liberal Christian group debuts; minister suspended for performing daughter's same-sex wedding
06/29/05 Canadian Parliament approves ‘same-sex marriage’
06/24/05 What's the Battle Over Gay Marriage Really About?
06/17/05 Daschle honored by homosexual group; Spain & Canada set to legalize 'gay marriage' sometime this year
06/17/05 Nash. homosexual TV show has some asking: What can be done?
06/17/05 Federal judge in Calif. upholds Defense of Marriage Act
06/14/05 N.J. appeals court rules against 'gay marriage,' high court next stop
06/10/05 Brown's absence from Calif. court could impact 'gay marriage' case; Navajo nation overrides veto
06/10/05 Judge's ruling convinces senator to support federal marriage amend.
06/07/05 Are public schools the next battleground over homosexuality?
06/06/05 Nashville station launches show geared toward homosexuals
06/03/05 The real motive behind 'gay marriage'
06/03/05 'Gay marriage' bill could pass in Canada within weeks; New Paltz mayor going to trial; Byrd, Frist honored
06/03/05 Calif. 'gay marriage' bill loses; conservatives applaud defeat
05/27/05 On views of homosexuality, U.S. differs from Canada, Britain
05/27/05 Calif. assembly to vote on 'gay marriage' bill; Mass. court rejects challenge; Judge upholds Ky. amend.
05/26/05 Md. school board scraps pro-homosexuality curriculum following loss in federal court
05/23/05 Liberals, 'gay marriage' bill survive in Canada; psychiatric association supports 'gay marriage'
05/23/05 Texas 5th state this year to send marriage amend. to voters
06/28/05 SBC homosexuality stance unchanged; media reports wrong
06/23/05 FIRST-PERSON: Study finds risk to kids of same-sex parents
05/19/05 FIRST-PERSON: Learning not to fear the future
05/13/05 'Gay marriage' bill will die if Canadian government falls May 19; amendment petition coming to Calif.
05/13/05 A first: Federal judge strikes down Neb. marriage amendment
05/13/05 Leaders: Ruling points to need for federal marriage amend.
05/06/05 D.C. won't allow joint tax returns by same-sex couples; Kerry criticizes Dems' support for 'gay marriage'
05/06/05 Pro-homosexuality curriculum in Md. schools blocked by judge
05/05/05 Homosexual 'World Pride' event in Jerusalem postponed
05/03/05 Skeptical Mass. high court reconsiders marriage ruling
05/03/05 Coming to America? Canadian bishop investigated for 'gay marriage' comments
04/29/05 Spanish mayors vow to defy 'gay marriage' law; Liberal Canadian government may fall
04/28/05 Backlash: Microsoft rethinks stance on homosexual rights bill
04/27/05 Homosexual bishop courts Planned Parenthood; Roy Moore considers run for governor
04/27/05 Calif. legislative committee passes 'gay marriage' bill
04/27/05 S.C. becomes 4th state to vote on marriage amendment in 2006
04/08/05 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Homosexual group criticizes Feinstein, gives her 'Pink Brick' award; all but 1 of Fla. marriage cases withdrawn
04/08/05 Calif. appeal court says legislature cannot legalize 'gay marriage' without public's OK
04/07/05 Conn. Senate passes same-sex civil unions bill; opponents hope it's defeated in House
04/06/05 Marriage amendment passes easily in Kansas, 70-30 percent; pro-amendment church survives pre-election arson attempt
04/01/05 MARRIAGE DIGEST: N.Y. court won't hear marriage lawsuit yet; Change of strategy in Mass.; Ind., Minn. advance amendments
03/30/05 Expert: No evidence condoms best way to stop spread of AIDS
03/29/05 'Day of Truth' provides response to homosexual-themed day
03/23/05 Supreme Court denies Schiavo appeal; only hope rests in Fla.
03/23/05 Connor: House should send in agents to save Terri Schiavo, protect subpoenaing power
03/22/05 FIRST-PERSON: Deciding death by starvation over fried chicken
03/22/05 Schiavo’s mom requests prayer; attorney: it's in ‘God’s hands’
03/22/05 FIRST-PERSON: My last visit with Terri Schiavo
03/18/05 Canadian 'gay marriage' bill may have votes for passage; New York City domestic partners bill overturned
03/18/05 Marriage amendment re-introduced in U.S. House
03/17/05 Tenn. is latest state to send marriage amendment to voters
03/16/05 Bush: Court rulings vindicate support for marriage amendment
03/16/05 Q&A: Commonly asked questions about the 'gay marriage' issue
03/01/05 S.D. legislature sends marriage amend. to voters
02/18/05 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Canadian P.M. opens 'gay marriage' debate; Ind. case dropped; amendments continue moving forward
02/16/05 Ky., too? School sued over homosexuality tolerance training
02/15/05 Florida coalition launches marriage amend. petition drive
02/11/05 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Marriage amendments advance nationwide; vote in Mass. delayed; HRC not slowing in 'gay marriage' push
02/11/05 Mass. court will consider halting same-sex 'marriage' ruling
02/11/05 Bill in Tennessee legislature would permit change of birth certificate for transsexuals
02/08/05 Could same-sex 'marriage' be legal in N.Y. by year's end?
02/07/05 ‘Baptist’ lesbians at orphanage stir Romanian Baptists’ concern
02/04/05 MARRIAGE DIGEST: 'Gay marriage' bill introduced in Canada; marriage amends. advance; Dems., GOP both take credit in Ala.
02/04/05 N.Y. judge rules that state must legalize same-sex 'marriage'
02/03/05 FIRST-PERSON: Putting the squeeze on SpongeBob
02/02/05 Kan. legislature sends marriage amendment to April 5 ballot
01/28/05 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Canadian P.M. pushes 'gay marriage' bill; DOMA lawsuit heard in Calif.; Kan. amendment advances
01/28/05 Dolly Parton, others compile CD benefiting homosexual group
01/26/05 Fla. DOMA lawsuits dropped; suits still pending in Calif., Okla.
01/24/05 Marriage amend. re-introduced in Senate with 22 sponsors
01/21/05 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Ind. court upholds 'gay marriage' ban; Kan. amendment delayed; Iowa court hears lesbian 'divorce' case
01/19/05 Fed. judge upholds DOMA, dismisses 'gay marriage' case
01/19/05 La. high court reinstates marriage amend. passed by voters
01/19/05 Spokesman: Bush still 'firmly committed' to marriage amend.
01/18/05 FIRST-PERSON: The church that cannot make up its mind
01/14/05 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Canada taking up 'gay marriage’ bill in Feb.; Ill. passes ‘sexual orientation' bill; Lesbians win case in Israel
01/14/05 Kan. marriage amendment passes first hurdle in state Senate
01/14/05 Homosexual groups pledge to continue 'gay marriage' fight
01/12/05 Kan. may lead way in 2005 with April marriage amend. vote
01/10/05 Supreme Court lets stand Fla. ban on homosexual adoption
01/07/05 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Calif. domestic partnership law takes effect; San Fran. mayor divorcing; Canadian marriage officials resign
01/07/05 Push for 'gay marriage' must continue, national leader says
12/31/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Same-sex 'marriage' legal battle begins in Calif.; Newfoundland, too?; Democrat wins in Washington state
12/17/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Canadian conservatives aren't giving up; MLK's daughter leads march; Oregon court hears case
12/10/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: N.J. appeals court hears 'gay marriage' case; traditionalists win in N.Y.; activists changing strategy?
12/09/04 Landmark decision: Canadian court OKs same-sex 'marriage'
12/06/04 United Methodists find lesbian guilty of violating church law
12/03/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: 2000 Gore spokesman 'marries' in Mass.; Canada court to rule; La. court hears case; winner in Wash.?
12/02/04 Documentary features stories of those who left homosexuality
12/02/04 AIDS rate for homosexuals climbs; data called 'astonishing'
12/02/04 UCC TV ad affirming homosexuality is ‘masterful propaganda,' Mohler says
11/30/04 South African court rules for same-sex 'marriage'
11/29/04 Supreme Court won't review Mass. court decision that legalized same-sex 'marriage'
11/19/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Wash. Gov.'s race could impact marriage debate; Conn. considers civil unions; Ore. advocates concede
11/18/04 1 year later: Mass. marriage ruling sparked national backlash
11/17/04 The next 'Mass.'? Wash. high court to hear 'gay marriage' case in March
11/12/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: 7 more states considering amendments
11/09/04 Lawsuit targets marriage amends. passed by voters Nov. 2
11/05/04 Judge makes Saskatchewan 7th jurisdiction with 'gay marriage'
11/05/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: 'Gay marriage' makes gains in Mass.
11/04/04 Senate results provide good news for marriage amendment
11/04/04 Did the same-sex 'marriage' issue hand Bush a victory in Ohio?
11/03/04 Cincy vote on gay rights law muted by state's const. amendment
11/03/04 'Gay marriage' a loser: amendments pass in all 11 states
10/29/04 FIRST-PERSON: The intolerance of the 'gay marriage' movement
10/29/04 N.D. conservatives ready to take a stand for marriage
10/28/04 Court-ordered 'gay marriage' could follow amend. loss in Ore.
10/27/04 Calif. 'same-sex marriage' lawsuit to be heard in Dec.
10/27/04 Constitutional marriage amendment on Nov. ballot brings out Christian vote in Arkansas
10/26/04 Ga. high court gives green light to marriage amendment
10/26/04 Events in Canada, Mass., impact Mich. marriage vote
10/25/04 Ohio marriage amendment facing significant opposition; outcome will depend on turnout
10/22/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: N.Y. judge upholds state marriage law
10/22/04 McKissic: Homosexual rights not the same as civil rights
10/20/04 Ga. Supreme Court hears marriage amendment case
10/18/04 Thousands rally in nation's capital for traditional marriage
10/18/04 Anglican report on homosexual bishop draws praise, criticism
10/14/04 Supreme Court to hear case on RLUIPA religious rights law
10/14/04 Kerry allows possibility he could change on 'gay marriage'
10/14/04 Final debate: Bush, Kerry differ over religion, homosexuality, const. marriage amendment
10/13/04 La. court sends state marriage amendment case to high court
10/13/04 Q&A: An interview with the man behind the marriage amendment
10/08/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Calls lead congressman to change vote
10/05/04 La. judge tosses out marriage amendment; 78 percent had approved it
10/05/04 The Floodgates Open: USA Today Promotes Polygamy
10/04/04 Homosexuality and the Bible: A Real Debate
10/01/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: New Mass. speaker is bad news for amend.
09/30/04 FIRST-PERSON: The alternative lifestyle
09/30/04 Marriage amend. falls short of 290, but receives majority vote
09/30/04 SUMMARY: What representatives said during amend. debate
09/29/04 With new name, marriage amendment slated for Thurs. vote
09/22/04 Land: Marriage debate is over society's 'basic building block'
09/21/04 Ohio appeals courts says marriage amendment is OK
09/20/04 78-22%: Louisiana passes const. marriage amendment
09/20/04 DeLay: Call Congress, urge yes vote on marriage amendment
09/17/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Kerry now says he'd oppose Mo. amend.
09/16/04 Manitoba becomes 4th province with legalized 'gay marriage'
09/14/04 West Coast quickly becoming focus of 'gay marriage' debate
09/13/04 Not a Moral Issue? Judicial Nonsense in Washington State
09/10/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Homosexual GOP group won't back Bush
09/08/04 2nd Washington judge strikes down same-sex 'marriage' ban; state action urged
09/03/04 Courts in La., Mich., give marriage amendments green light
09/03/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Amendment in N.D. heads to Nov. ballot
08/26/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Marriage amendments being fought in court
08/26/04 Conn. becomes 9th state with same-sex 'marriage' lawsuit
08/25/04 GOP platform panel supports marriage amendment plank
08/25/04 Cheney says same-sex 'marriage' should be states issue
08/24/04 Mich. marriage amend. dealt setback, La. amend. wins round
08/20/04 SBTS prof defends Ky. marriage amendment in television debate
08/20/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Amendment in Ohio moves closer to ballot
08/20/04 Federal bankruptcy judge upholds Defense of Marriage Act
08/13/04 Mass. judge lets law stand that bans same-sex 'marriages' for out-of-state couples
08/13/04 FIRST-PERSON: The other face of ‘gay’ America
08/13/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Australia passes ban on 'gay marriage'
08/12/04 Calif. high court invalidates San Fran.'s same-sex 'marriages'
08/11/04 Calif. Supreme Court to issue 'gay marriage' ruling Thursday
08/06/04 No Compromise in Missouri--A Landslide Win for Marriage
08/05/04 A first: Wash. judge strikes down DOMA
08/05/04 FIRST-PERSON: Federal Marriage Amendment: far from dead
08/04/04 Missouri voters pass constitutional amendment to ban homosexual marriage
08/03/04 Psychologists Join the Gay Marriage Bandwagon
07/30/04 Psychologists' OK of same-sex unions called 'gay agenda'
07/30/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Delegates at DNC supported 'gay marriage'
07/30/04 FIRST-PERSON: Psychological pressure, not science
07/29/04 Democratic Party platform set to push homosexual agenda in America
07/28/04 Wash. judge hears arguments in same-sex 'marriage' case
07/27/04 No. 10: Ore. marriage amendment qualifies for Nov. ballot
07/26/04 FIRST-PERSON: Going on the offensive for marriage & family
07/23/04 New bill in House would ban same-sex 'marriage' nationwide
07/23/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Plurality of DNC delegates favor 'gay marriage'
07/23/04 Appeals court upholds Fla. ban on homosexual adoption
07/23/04 THE VOTE: How reps. voted on the Marriage Protection Act
07/22/04 House passes bill preventing federal courts from legalizing 'gay marriage'
07/21/04 Lawsuits in 8 states seek same-sex 'marriage' legalization
07/20/04 House set to vote Thursday on bill limiting court review of Defense of Marriage Act
07/20/04 Homosexuality and Heresy: Liberal Theology Loses its Mind
07/19/04 The End of Marriage in Scandinavia: Is America Next?
07/19/04 A first: Lesbian couple 'married' in Mass. to challenge federal Defense of Marriage Act
07/16/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Marriage amendment qualifies in Mont.
07/16/04 What now? Marriage amendment supporters plan next step
07/14/04 FIRST-PERSON: Defending marriage by displaying it
07/14/04 FMA supporters could make gains in Nov. election
07/14/04 THE VOTE: How senators voted on the FMA procedural motion
07/14/04 SUMMARY: What senators said during debate Wednesday
07/14/04 Marriage amendment loses on procedural vote; supporters say debate has 'just begun'
07/13/04 FIRST-PERSON: The will of the people
07/13/04 FIRST-PERSON: Thinking it through
07/13/04 Marriage amendment in Ark. moves toward Nov. ballot
07/13/04 Senate 'deluged' by phone calls on marriage amendment
07/13/04 SUMMARY: What senators said during debate Tuesday
07/13/04 Allard: Fight to defend traditional marriage 'just beginning'
07/13/04 EDITORIAL: Now is the time to take action
07/12/04 FIRST-PERSON: Unless we say no
07/12/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Ore. told to register 'gay marriages'
07/12/04 Bush uses radio address to push for marriage amendment
07/12/04 SUMMARY: What Senators said during debate Monday
07/12/04 Frist: Gordon Smith to offer 'one-sentence' FMA alternative
07/09/04 DeLay: House will debate amendment before Nov. election
07/09/04 2.5 million signatures tallied supporting marriage amendment
07/09/04 SUMMARY: What senators said during FMA debate Friday
07/09/04 Senators begin debate on Federal Marriage Amendment
07/08/04 House will debate marriage amendment before Nov. election, majority leader says
07/07/04 FIRST-PERSON: The lack of diversity in 'gay marriage'
07/06/04 Mich. marriage amendment appears headed to Nov. ballot
07/02/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Mayors table amendment resolution
07/01/04 Ore., Ark. amendments get double the required signatures
06/30/04 FIRST-PERSON: The church & the homosexuality debate
06/30/04 Appeals court won’t stop Mass. same-sex ‘marriages’
06/24/04 Petition drives at the heart of marriage battle on state level
06/22/04 Romney: Amendment only way to protect marriage definition
06/21/04 Senate plans mid-July vote on Federal Marriage Amendment
06/18/04 Black Southern Baptists decry homosexual claims
06/14/04 New book by James Dobson tackles same-sex 'marriage'
06/10/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Hawaii Log Cabins fold over marriage issue
06/10/04 Gay Marriage: Are Some Conservatives Ready to Surrender?
06/08/04 Appeals court asked to halt same-sex ‘marriage’ in Mass.
06/03/04 After the Ball--Why the Homosexual Movement Has Won
05/28/04 N.M. attorney general derails petitions against ‘gay-rights law’
05/28/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Australia P.M. moves to ban 'gay marriage'
05/27/04 FIRST-PERSON: Full circle, to same-sex ‘marriage’
05/26/04 Kerry launches ‘unprecedented’ outreach to homosexuals
05/26/04 Ariz. Supreme Court denies same-sex ‘marriage’ appeal
05/25/04 Cal. court asked to invalidate 4,000 S.F. same-sex 'marriages'
05/24/04 Leaders: Future of U.S. at stake in same-sex ‘marriage’ battle
05/24/04 'Gay rights,' civil rights not the same, black leaders say
05/21/04 FIRST PERSON: Homosexual activists’ corrupt claim
05/21/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Mass. governor tries to stop out-of-staters
05/21/04 San Francisco churches rally to defend traditional marriage
05/20/04 FIRST-PERSON: 10 reasons to oppose ‘gay marriage’
05/20/04 Calif. same-sex ‘marriage’ bill shelved, but is far from dead
05/18/04 Federal Marriage Amendment needs grass-roots outcry, ERLC's Richard Land says
05/18/04 Dobson, others to address churches via 'Battle for Marriage' simulcast
05/18/04 FIRST-PERSON: Same-sex ‘marriage’ no longer make believe
05/17/04 A Day That Will Live in Infamy--May 17 in Massachusetts
05/14/04 Supreme Court rejects appeal; same-sex 'marriage' ruling to take effect
05/14/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Defense of Marriage Act targeted in court
05/14/04 Mass. makes history, issues licenses to same-sex couples
05/14/04 New poll shows 67% support Federal Marriage Amendment
05/14/04 SBC seminary presidents, faculties affirm biblical marriage
05/14/04 Q&A: What happened in Mass. & could it spread nationally?
05/14/04 Timeline: The battle to legalize same-sex ‘marriage’
05/14/04 Mo. becomes 6th state to send marriage amendment to voters
05/14/04 LIFE DIGEST: Catholic battle over pro-choice politicians grows
05/12/04 Lawyer asks federal judge to stop Mass. marriage ruling
05/11/04 2 courts hearing arguments Wed. in Mass. marriage case
05/10/04 Media ignores Methodists' vote to affirm laws supporting biblical model of marriage; conservatives weigh schism
05/10/04 Groups file federal suit against Mass. high court
05/05/04 Kan. amendment fails, pro-family groups plan strategy
05/04/04 Mass. justice denies request by citizen to have same-sex 'marriage' ruling delayed
05/03/04 Dobson tells rally: Same-sex unions threaten religious liberty
04/30/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Homosexual Republicans unhappy with Bush
04/28/04 The Alliance of Baptists Affirms Same-Sex Marriage
04/27/04 Mass. legislators, ACLJ file challenge, saying court lacked jurisdiction in marriage ruling
04/26/04 Mass. gov.: out-of-staters not eligible for same-sex 'marriages'
04/23/04 Okla. sends amendment to voters; Ore. effort hits snag
04/23/04 Should the issue of same-sex 'marriage' be left to the states?
04/23/04 FIRST-PERSON: Same-sex ‘marriage’ & polygamy
04/22/04 Homosexuality and the Bible--Trusting the Truth
04/21/04 Calif. legislative committee passes bill legalizing same-sex ‘marriage’
04/21/04 Homosexuality and the Bible--Twisting the Truth
04/20/04 'Mixed bag': Ore. judge orders halt to county's same-sex 'marriages'
04/20/04 Homosexuality and the Bible--Telling the Truth
04/16/04 Evangelicals -- opposed to a federal marriage amendment?
04/16/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Spain to legalize same-sex ‘marriage’
04/15/04 Is Homosexuality in the Genes?
04/14/04 Will Same-Sex Marriage Lead to Polygamy?
04/14/04 Reversal: Ky. lawmakers send marriage amendment to voters
04/12/04 Poll: Most Americans say homosexuality is 'against God's will'
04/12/04 Frist signs on as co-sponsor of Federal Marriage Amendment
04/08/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Hatch signs on as amendment co-sponsor
04/07/04 Homosexuals oppose same-sex 'marriage,' magazine poll suggests
04/05/04 Marriage initiative, along with welfare reform, halts in Senate
04/02/04 Bans on interracial marriage, same-sex ‘marriage’ -- parallels?
04/02/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: 1913 Mass. law may affect out-of-staters
04/02/04 FIRST-PERSON: Latest turns in the marriage debate
03/31/04 Kerry: People born homosexual, Constitution guarantees same-sex couples legal benefits
03/29/04 Mass. passes same-sex 'marriage' compromise amendment
03/26/04 Black pastors in Atlanta rally to oppose same-sex 'marriage'
03/26/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: A rise in civil unions support? Maybe not
03/25/04 House Dem. leader says she supports same-sex 'marriage'
03/24/04 Ore. county halts issuance of all marriage licenses
03/23/04 Marriage amendment tweaked to clarify issue of civil unions
03/23/04 Senators hear leaders debate homosexual rights, civil rights
03/22/04 FIRST-PERSON: Homosexuality & the United Methodist Church
03/22/04 Courage and Compassion on Homosexuality
03/19/04 If same-sex ‘marriage’ is legalized, why not polygamy?
03/19/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Reporter, photog. 'marry,' pulled from beat
03/19/04 FIRST-PERSON: The homosexual hoopla is backfiring
03/15/04 Despite law, Portland area to continue same-sex 'marriages'
03/15/04 FIRST-PERSON: It won't stop at homosexual 'marriage'
03/12/04 Same-sex ‘marriage’ supporters lose in Calif. , Mass.
03/12/04 Same-sex ‘marriage’ not legal in Ore., state A.G. says
03/12/04 Would religious freedoms be violated by same-sex ‘marriage’?
03/12/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: N.Y. Times editorial says nation will change
03/11/04 Same-sex 'marriage' loses in Calif. court, Mass. convention
03/11/04 Bush touts records on pro-life, marriage issues to evangelicals
03/10/04 The Baylor Same-Sex Marriage Controversy: What's Going On?
03/10/04 Another town bows to pressure to halt same-sex ‘marriages’
03/09/04 N.J. city 'marries' same-sex couple, A.G. to seek injunction
03/08/04 Woman corners Kerry on issue of civil rights, ‘gay rights’
03/05/04 Judge orders N.Y. town mayor to halt solemnization of same-sex ‘marriages’
03/05/04 Will teens, young adults embrace same-sex ‘marriage’?
03/05/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Paper criticizes Kerry's marriage stance
03/05/04 FIRST-PERSON: It won’t work
03/04/04 Kerry: Federal government should recognize state-sanctioned same-sex 'marriage'
03/04/04 Baptist pastor in Ore. helps lead marriage amendment petition
03/03/04 Senators hear arguments for, against marriage amendment
03/03/04 Frist: Senate will vote on marriage amendment this year
03/02/04 Sloan, Baylor publications board criticize students’ editorial
03/02/04 Polls show conflicting views from parents on sex education
02/27/04 N.Y. town 'marries' same-sex couples; president calls traditional marriage 'ideal'
02/27/04 Ga. House defeats amendment, Christian group plans rally
02/27/04 Kerry, Edwards use debate to further define marriage position
02/27/04 Is the nation a few years from legalized same-sex 'marriage'?
02/27/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Heinz Kerry: U.S. marriage views ‘evolving’
02/27/04 Rosie's Scenario--An Ambush for Gay Marriage
02/26/04 In Defense of Marriage--President Bush Makes the Case
02/24/04 Kerry backs Mass. marriage amendment, opposes federal one
02/24/04 Amendment does not support bias, Dobson, others say
02/24/04 Top leaders thank Bush for marriage amendment stance
02/24/04 Marriage amendment Q&A: How we got to this point
02/24/04 Warning about 'activist' judges, Bush backs amendment
02/24/04 President Bush and the War on the Family
02/23/04 Hastert says amendment 'might pass' House this year
02/23/04 FIRST PERSON: Time to discipline San Francisco’s mayor
02/20/04 Schwarzenegger tells state AG to make San Fran. follow law
02/20/04 Same-sex 'marriage': Is there a Republican-Democratic split?
02/20/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Both 'Red' & 'Blue' states favor amendment
02/19/04 2 more state legislatures ask for U.S. marriage amendment
02/18/04 Bush: San Fran. 'weddings' are 'influencing' decision on amendment
02/11/04 Spokesman doesn't quell reports Bush will back amendment
02/10/04 Black pastors in Boston oppose same-sex 'marriage' legalization
02/09/04 The End of Marriage in Scandinavia: Is America Next?
02/09/04 As dollar falls, so does missionaries' buying power
02/06/04 The Massachusetts Court Goes for Broke: No Civil Unions
01/27/04 Va. House backs amendment; majority whip now co-sponsor
01/23/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Hurdle cleared: Ohio Senate passes ban
01/23/04 How would same-sex 'marriage' legalization impact America?
01/21/04 Canada? Mass.? Guidelines issued for same-sex 'marriage'
01/21/04 Leaders praise Bush marriage statement; say more is needed
01/20/04 Mohler: Societal destruction will follow same-sex 'marriage'
01/16/04 FIRST-PERSON: 'Gay marriage': What would Jesus say?
01/16/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: New study: homosexual men promiscuous
01/16/04 Same-sex parenting: Does a mom & dad make a difference?
01/15/04 The Case Against Homosexual Marriage
01/15/04 Land, others push Bush to support marriage amendment
01/14/04 Marriage as a covenant set for national observance, Feb. 15
01/14/04 FIRST-PERSON: Married: On purpose
01/09/04 Will the U.S. follow Canada's lead on same-sex 'marriage'?
01/09/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Poll suggests shift in Mass. public opinion
01/02/04 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Civil unions loom as key presidential issue
12/31/03 India's Christian & Muslim 'untouchables' continue rights quest
12/24/03 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Gephardt's marriage position questioned
12/22/03 N.Y. Times poll shows backlash against Mass. marriage ruling
12/19/03 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Judge grants 'divorce' to same-sex couple
12/19/03 What will same-sex 'marriage' cost businesses, governments?
12/17/03 Bush: Nation 'may need' constitutional marriage amendment
12/12/03 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Mass. Senate hopes civil unions pass test
12/12/03 Is there a parallel between homosexual, civil rights?
12/08/03 Currie counters group's affirmation of same-sex 'marriage' ruling
12/04/03 The Homosexual Agenda: Religious Liberty Under Fire
12/04/03 Love 'boldly,' expert says of homosexual outreach
11/26/03 Same-sex 'marriage': Coming to a state near you?
11/26/03 MARRIAGE DIGEST: Amendment introduced in U.S. Senate
11/24/03 Daschle opposes amendment; Mass. polls buck national trend
11/19/03 Mass. legislature considering options in wake of court ruling
11/19/03 FIRST-PERSON: Marriage: What's at stake
11/18/03 Mass. court rules for same-sex 'marriage'
11/18/03 Ruling highlights need for marriage amendment, leaders say
11/18/03 Opposition to homosexual 'marriage' growing, poll says
11/18/03 FIRST-PERSON: Once a city upon a hill
11/13/03 Marriage declaration joins effort for constitutional action
11/13/03 DECLARATION: Kansas City Declaration on Marriage
11/13/03 KY Baptists affirm missionaries, marriage amendment
11/12/03 Veto keeps Wis. from becoming 38th state protecting marriage
11/10/03 Ark. Baptists back diversity, Federal Marriage Amendment
11/06/03 N.J. judge: Legislators should weigh homosexual couples' rights
11/04/03 Website to mobilize pastors on issue of same-sex 'marriage'
11/03/03 Homosexual's consecration: a new day of infamy
10/29/03 The Marriage Debate: Is 'Conservative' Enough?
10/07/03 The Federal Marriage Amendment: Now is the Time for Action
10/06/03 Bush supports traditional marriage definition in issuing Marriage Protection proclamation
10/06/03 PROCLAMATION: Marriage Protection Week text
10/03/03 FIRST-PERSON: Whose definition of marriage: God's or man's?
10/01/03 Marriage amendment support grows to 90 House sponsors
9/15/03 FIRST-PERSON: Congresswoman Musgrave: courageous family advocate
9/05/03 Amendment banning same-sex 'marriage' not needed, Democrats say in hearing
9/05/03 Testimony: Same-sex 'marriage' puts nation's future at stake
8/29/03 Same-sex 'marriage' issue percolates in 4 state courts, 1 federal court
8/27/03 Poll: Nearly 6 in 10 voters favor amendment banning same-sex 'marriage'
8/19/03 Poll: Majority favors amendment banning same-sex 'marriage'
8/11/03 Senate report: Amendment only way to prevent same-sex 'marriage'
8/05/03 Calif. governor signs bill protecting cross-dressers
8/04/03 On Gay Marriage: Vatican Tells Catholics to be Catholic
8/01/03 Bush won't compromise on same-sex 'marriage,' spokesman says
7/31/03 President Bush: Marriage is Between a Man and a Woman
7/30/03 Bush: 'sanctity' of marriage should be protected by law
7/29/03 New poll may signal emerging rebuff of homosexuality amid cultural advances
7/22/03 New poll shows generation gap in opposition to same-sex 'marriage'
7/16/03 Dem. candidates support 'civil unions,' dodge questions on homosexual 'marriage'
7/14/03 Mass. court extends time frame for homosexual 'marriage' ruling
7/14/03 FIRST PERSON: A line in the sand on homosexual 'marriage'
7/11/03 FIRST-PERSON: Just what is 'homophobia'?
7/09/03 British Columbia court lifts moratorium on same-sex 'marriage'
7/09/03 ANALYSIS: The implications of Lawrence v. Texas
7/03/03 Bush affirms traditional marriage, although uncertain about Federal Marriage Amendment
7/01/03 Marriage protection amendment gets push after court ruling
6/26/03 Sodomy law struck down; Supreme Court has embraced 'agenda,' dissenters say
6/12/03 Canadian court approves homosexual 'marriage'; could America be next?
3/27/03 High court could be poised to overturn sodomy law

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