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"There should be an 'Abstract of Principles', or careful statement of theological belief, which every professor in such an institution must sign when inaugurated, so as to guard against the rise of erroneous and injurious instruction in such a seat of sacred learning."

James P. Boyce
from "Three Changes in
Theological Institutions"
- summarized by John Broadus, 1856


A resolution has traditionally been defined as an expression of opinion or concern, as compared to a motion, which calls for action. A resolution is not used to direct an entity of the Southern Baptist Convention to specific action other than to communicate the opinion or concern expressed. Resolutions are passed during the annual Convention meeting.

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06/22/05 SBC lifts Disney boycott, urges parental diligence in education
06/18/04 WRAP-UP: Messengers stick with SBC name, hear from President Bush during Indy meeting
06/16/04 Messengers defeat proposed study of new name for Southern Baptists
06/15/04 Messengers approve request to NOBTS to adopt sole membership
06/15/04 SBC severs ties with BWA as theological concerns remain
06/07/04 Public school resolution nets divergent reactions
05/12/04 Education resolution among submissions to SBC committee
1999 Resolution On Christian Influence In Public Schools
1999 Resolution On Christian Schools
1997 Resolution On Home Schooling
1993 Resolution On Accommodation Of Religious Expression In Public Schools
1992 Resolution On Free Exercise Of Religion In Public Schools









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