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"There should be an 'Abstract of Principles', or careful statement of theological belief, which every professor in such an institution must sign when inaugurated, so as to guard against the rise of erroneous and injurious instruction in such a seat of sacred learning."

James P. Boyce
from "Three Changes in
Theological Institutions"
- summarized by John Broadus, 1856

The Baptist Way: A Personal Perspective – Dr. Charles S. Kelley

The following link will take you directly to “The Baptist Way: A Personal Perspective,” a paper delivered during a September 4, 2003 convocation address to the faculty, staff and students of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary by its president, Dr. Charles S. Kelley. The paper is included here because it contains Dr. Kelley’s opinion of how Sole Membership relates to and may affect Southern Baptist polity and history. It first appeared, and is still posted, on the "Articles and Essays" portion of the seminary's Baptist Center for Theology and Ministry website. It is linked here by permission.

Due in part to the difficulties resulting from Hurricane Katrina, the website on which this article resides is currently unavailable.













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